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Basic Information

RACE: Dwarf

AGE: 100 (Approx.)

YEAR OF BIRTH: Third Age: 2841

PLACE OF BIRTH: A Woodmen's Village near Rhosgobel

GENDER: Female

OCCUPATION: Scholar, Scientist, Explorer



PARENTS: Father - Hredimar (deceased) Mother - Svarri (deceased)

SIBLINGS: Brothers - Fafnir (deceased) Regin (deceased) Ottr (deceased) Sister: Lofnheid


CHILDREN: Linhildr




Height: 1.29m
Build: Slim (by dwarf standards - 41kg)
Hair: Long, black hair
Eyes: Brown
WEAPON(S) OF CHOICE: Sword (Belonged to her mother), is interested in learning the bow.

She does not really care about the appearance of her hair and only styles it for practical purposes, or if her mother makes her. Her apathy is largely due to being unaware of the social conventions of her people regarding the importance and social niceties of hair-braiding, having grown up in a settlement far from her own kind other than her immediate family. Her mother has tried to instill it in her, but she sees little reason to adhere to it not being around other dwarves. In some ways, this is liberating, but in other ways it will put her at a disadvantage if/when she ever meets other dwarves. How will they see her when she actually meets them?

She prefers to wear practical clothing and hates anything that's frilly and extravagant. She has a tendency to avoid wearing bright colours such as yellows and pinks, which she despises. She usually wears traveling clothes and tries to keep the braids in her hair simple, if she wears them in her hair at all. Ever since she was old enough to begin growing a beard (Tolkien's female dwarves have beards), she has shaven it off because she got tired of humans mistaking her for a male dwarf.


She has a curious nature and likes to explore. (Perhaps even more so because other dwarves tell her she shouldn't.) Her curious nature gives her a desire to want to understand how the world works. She wants to learn about the world and to do this she would like to travel to Rivendell and Gondor, as she has heard that these places are good places of learning. She would like to learn about the history of Middle-earth, and attempt to learn different languages if she can, espeaically those of the elves. She would like to learn more about her mother's craft of healing. She is loyal to her friends and family.

Unlike a lot of dwarves, she has an interest in nature, though still somewhat retains a distrust of trees and can be friendly to elves if they are not discourteous to her. However, her experiences with elves has left her weary of them.

Like many dwarves she is very stubborn and strong-willed, something that can at times be a benefit to her - this trait is very useful in the pursuit of her goals as it means that she will not give up easily. However, as much as it can be a good trait, it can also get her into trouble and lead her to be argumentative and grumpy. Being a dwarrowdam sometimes means people try to be overprotective of her which she hates. She also dislikes it if someone implies that she is incapable of doing a task. Her curious nature can occasionally land her in trouble if she tries to explore dangerous areas. Life experiences have made her somewhat independent and self-reliant, and although useful in some situations, these traits make her loath to ask for help, or cause her to take on more than she can.

After losing most of her family, her biggest fear is living alone, or having to deal with loneliness. It scares her that she may never live with other dwarves, or find others of her kind. Unlike most dwarves who have a love - obsession with gold and gems, Lyndheid hates them because they were the cause of the loss of her family. Instead, the 'gold-sickness' in her has been replaced by and obsession for knowledge and wander-lust. To relieve her loneliness, she has fostered a love of nature, and of animals espeaically.


Lyndheid is the oldest daughter and fourth child of Hredimar the blacksmith and Svarri the healer. She was born in the year 2841 of the Third Age - a birth that was unusual in some respects since dwarves rarely have more than three children. She is proceeded by three brothers - Regin, the eldest, who was born in TA: 2821, Fafnir, who was born in TA: 2831 and Ottr, the youngest brother, who was born in TA: 2836. In TA: 2851, ten years after her birth, her sister, Lofnheid was born.

Hreidmar gained his skills as a blacksmith from his often uncaring uncle who took him and his sister under his wing after their parents were killed in the Sack of Erebor in TA: 2770, and fought in the War with Orcs between TA: 2793-2799 where he first met the dwarrowdam who would be his wife. Svarri, before meeting Hreidmar had been a healer and minor scholar, and a trainer of sheepdogs. Hreidmar eventually settled in the Woodsman Village near Rhosogobel because he was ashamed of the loss of Lord Fundin and Prince Frerin at the Battle of Azanulbizar. How they had settled there had been unplanned, because Hreidmar's goal had been to take his wife to live in the Iron Hills, but an incident requiring Svarri's skills near the place of Radagast the Brown's home caused them to stay.

As a young dwarfling, Lyndheid became fascinated with the woods that surrounded their home and because of Ottr, who also encouraged her, she spent a lot of time exploring it - (at least the places where her parents would allow her to go in the company of one or more of her brothers, or her father.) She gained a fondness of animals in part due to those explorations and because of the sheepdogs her mother kept and trained. Though it may appear superficially that Lyndheid's fascination with the forest and animals is undwarf-like, she still possesses the desire to obtain, collect and hoard that all dwarves have, only in her case the object of that isn't gold, mithril and gems - it is knowledge.

Unfortunately, books were hard to come by in the village, so book learning was frustratingly restrictive to the young dwarrowdam, so she compromised by owning her skills to learn by other means, including close observation of her surroundings and obtaining the skills to observe the habits of wild animals without revealing her presence and frightening them. Her mother's craft of healing meant that she learnt a lot about the plants of the forest. The young dwarrowdam knew in her heart that she would never learn everything she wanted to learn if she stayed in that village and a yearning to travel to other lands in pursuit of knowledge began to grow in her heart. As books were scarce, Lyndheid began to consider them to be the most precious thing a dwarf could possess.

Due to the lack of books to learn from, Lyndheid only ever learned to read and write in one language, Khuzdul, the secret language of her own people that was very rarely taught to non-dwarves. This was in part due to the fact that her parents were keen to preserve their dwarvern heritage as they were the only dwarves living in the village, and were concerned that at least two of them, (Lyndheid herself, and Ottr), were showing signs of abandoning it with their fascination of the woods.

One problem with being a dwarrowdam is that they are so few in number that their families tend to be a little over protective of them. Svarri, though not wanting to stifle her eldest daughter's ambitions, fretted over her adventurous nature and tendency to wander, and attempted to forbid her sons from encouraging it. Regin, the dutiful and obedient one, tended to keep to his mother's wishes and did his best to protect her. Fafnir was the same, but not as diligent in his approach, looking upon it as a chore. Ottr was more sympathetic to his sister's desires and being the youngest of the brothers, was the one more inclined to be reckless. Of her three brothers, Ottr was the one she was closet to and both hoped that when Lyndheid came of age, they would have permission to travel to Ered Luin, Rivendell, the Iron Hills and anywhere else that took their fancy.

Her father was just as concerned about her landing in trouble as Svarri was, but he had a different perspective on matters, seeing as how his sister became a warrior. He knew the stubbornness, determination and strong will that all dwarves possessed were no less in a dwarf just because of their gender and though he would have preferred her safe, he knew that any attempt at controlling her wouldn't work. In addition, their immediate environment exerted its own influence. The forest was not a safe place to live - there were orcs and goblins that prowled the woods, as well as the wild wargs. Even some of the Woodsmen, who were mainly nomadic in their life style, could not be trusted entirely, and the elves weren't always known for having a welcoming disposition when they were encountered. There were, disturbingly, rumours of a necromancer and great spiders deep in the woods. The wizard Radagast kept the worst of these threats at bay, but the dangers were increasing year on year and the blacksmith knew that there would come a time when he would have to move his family west. These concerns meant that he was not adverse to Lyndheid learning how to defend herself He did not want her to go looking for trouble, but he felt that she should be able to competently deal with it if such trouble should come looking for her, and so he allowed his sons to teach her fighting skills and what they couldn't teach her, he would. However, there were still gaps in the lass's education as Hredimar himself was only an expert in certain techniques and there were no other dwarves to teach her.


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