Character Archives



As I tend to create/play/write quite a number of different characters for fan fiction and role-playing, I wanted to create a little site where I could keep a record of them all and hold all their information in one place for quick referencing. The archive will be divided up depending on the fandom a character is in, whether it is a main character I play, a character I only play intermittently, a character that I'd like to be taken up by someone else, or a npc (non-playable character) that I created to give my story-lines a boost.

I will also host on this site any extra information regarding my role-plays, such as family trees, maps and any other matierial that I generate which I need to keep track of.

I have also included in the profiles links to sites where I actually play or write the character. If any of my characters interest you and you want to rp, drop me a line.